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NHS Services

The investigators at CLMI have years of experience advising large and complex health care providers from both the public and private sector in relation to investigations. 

We understand the health sector and the regulatory framework within which healthcare bodies are required to operate. Moreover we understand that patient care is paramount and that resolving workplace issues fairly and quickly supports high quality patient care.

We can deliver thorough and transparent investigations into disciplinary and performance issues, grievances, bullying and dignity at work issues.

We have particular expertise in relation to equality and diversity and our detailed knowledge of the legislative framework means we can deliver searching and reliable investigations into allegations of unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment.

We have experience of investigating issues involving failing and dysfunctional relationships characterised by a loss of trust between colleagues and multiple cross-complaints of bullying and harassment. Our investigations allow healthcare organisations to decide with confidence how to best manage employees who work in such an environment under local policies or by means of other action to address these issues in the interests of patient safety.

We understand NHS and outsourced public sector local policy requirements for investigations and have extensive experience of dealing with staff side/employee representative interventions into investigations.

We also have specialist experience of delivering investigations relating to the conduct of NHS clinicians with reference to the requirements of MHPS. We can support the delivery of clinician led investigations into capability issues to ensure momentum is maintained. We have a detailed knowledge of MHPS and the law that has evolved around it and we know that a failure to have a prompt and rigorous approach to investigating issues concerning clinicians leads directly to an exposure to litigation and costs.

We provide whistleblowing investigations in a healthcare setting.  We have in depth experience of dealing with NHS whistleblowing concerns and the complex issues they raise.  We understand both the importance of the recommendations of the Freedom to Speak Up Review and the pressures facing healthcare providers to do more for less in delivering safe patient care. We are also fully conversant with the NHS statutory Duty of Candour. Handling concerns effectively and early on is vital and healthcare organisations must investigate concerns raised to identify the facts and be able to give appropriate feedback to the individual(s) raising the concern and to take decisions on what further action is needed. This approach is critical in building staff confidence in local systems and addressing the issues highlighted by events in recent history. CLMI can provide a cost effective, impartial, fast and robust investigation service in relation to whistleblowing concerns so as to report reliably and comprehensively at board level.

Reviews - CLMI can organise and deliver bespoke board commissioned reviews. Led by outstanding individuals and sector experts sourced and supported by CLMI such a review can provide board assurance that:

  • There is workforce compliance with policies and procedures which in turn fully reflect regulatory frameworks;
  • The extent to which current policies and procedures benchmark well against those of comparable organisations;
  • The board fulfils its leadership responsibilities.

Detailed written reports setting out relevant findings and recommendations are provided.

Hearings - CLMI can provide experienced individuals from a legal and human resources background to chair and support internal hearings.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, please call CLMI on 01235 821115 or by email.