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Corporate Services

CLMI’s workplace expertise covers identifying workplace fraud and corporate malpractice of all types.

We provide a comprehensive and reliable corporate investigation service involving:

  • sickness absence fraud;
  • expenses claims;
  • theft from employers;
  • misuse of employer time and resources;
  • shadow businesses using employer resources;
  • misreporting of activity; and
  • whistleblowing.

Aside from investigating issues after concerns have come to light we also use a wide range of techniques to help clients address the constantly evolving threat of fraud. We can, if required, provide surveillance and monitoring services within the confines of the applicable law to augment our robust lawyer led investigations and place clients in the best position to deal with perpetrators fairly and quickly.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, please call CLMI on 01235 821115 or by email.