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Whistleblowing is an increasingly common way in which fraud, breaches of regulations and other malpractice are uncovered as employees become ever clearer about their ability and responsibility to shape corporate culture for the better by making disclosures.

All sophisticated organisations therefore now provide channels for employees to raise concerns. Failing to provide a mechanism to raise and properly assess concerns is not an option as the consequences of overlooking a legitimate issue can be high.  A rigorous approach to whistleblowing protects against damage to reputation, negative publicity, regulatory investigation, fines and compensation.  Such an approach will have a demonstrable impact in terms of identifying and deterring malpractice of all types and providing assurance to those leading organisations.

CLM can provide two key whistleblowing services:

  • A reliable, confidential and independent fixed cost service to directly receive employee concerns monitored only by qualified lawyers operating to the highest standards of integrity.  Whistleblowing concerns will be individually assessed and reported on within 24 hours against both standard and bespoke criteria to identify business risk based on the organisation and its particular environment. The service aims to allow discreet reporting on an anonymous basis including out of hours. All data is securely held and can be tracked over time to provide regular reporting and the identification of business areas of greatest risk.
  • High quality lawyer-led teams of investigators  to undertake urgent in depth corporate investigations and report reliably and comprehensively on issues including where required in the form of legally privileged, non disclosable, reports aimed at equipping the board to make fast and effective decisions to protect the organisation.  We have experience of conducting whistleblowing investigations in large and complex organisations, to tight timescales including in parallel to other third party and regulatory investigations.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, please call CLMI on 01235 821115.