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About Us

CLMI is a division of specialist employment law legal practice Cater Leydon Millard and its investigators have many years’ experience of workplace investigations including investigations into disputes between colleagues and within dysfunctional teams, complex complaints of unlawful discrimination, whistleblowing investigations and investigations into workplace fraud and corporate malpractice.   

CLMI provides a range of services from a complete outsourced investigation service to assistance with your own in-house investigation. CLMI can also provide experienced and credible individuals to chair and support workplace hearings.

For example, we can work with you in the following ways:

  • One of our experienced investigators can be briefed by you on the circumstances you face and devise terms of reference before carrying out the investigation from start to finish including by searching for documentary evidence and obtaining statements from all relevant witnesses. Our investigator will present a comprehensive report for consideration, including where required with recommendations, and thereafter by appearing at an internal hearing, for example a disciplinary or a grievance hearing.  We will be proactive and self-starting during this process, working within your timescales, making prompt arrangements with witnesses to meet with them and assisting with the search for relevant documents.
  • We can work in partnership alongside your internal investigator and assist with drafting the terms of reference, consider with you the questions that need to be asked of witnesses, attend witness investigatory meetings and assist with the drawing up of interview notes. We can then assist with the preparation of the investigation report itself.  We can also train your internal investigators and empower them to carry out their own effective and robust investigations.
  • We can review a draft investigation report where the work has already been done and suggest improvements which will make the report stronger and more watertight.
  • We can provide experienced lawyers who can form part of a disciplinary panel, grievance hearing or appeal panel. 
  • We can provide legally privileged reports where these are required. 
  • Our investigators can appear in an Employment Tribunal as a witness to give evidence about the investigation process followed and the conclusions reached.  The quality of an investigation report is often critical where a claim of unfair dismissal, discrimination or detriment suffered as a result of whistleblowing is concerned.